The Eddy Dimes System is the easiest system available while still providing the most guaranteed winning picks.

We don't rely on one so-called “expert” or modeling system to generate picks, our betting system incorporates three different tools to funnel out only the best picks.

First, we track the picks and computer models of the best handicappers in the country, only those that are within the top 5% in verified winning percentage nationwide…the best of the best!

We utilize AI computer software with the sole purpose of finding games where a team will likely outperform the spread being offered at sportbooks, basically where the software shows the spread or line of a particular game is inaccurate.

Finally, we track over 40 different sportsbooks to identify certain betting signals, which show unusual line movements or betting trends that can signify additional opportunities with a high value in the betting market.

The best picks

So what picks are recommended to our subscribers?

We recommend only those picks that satisfy all three methods, which will provide you with the absolute best opportunity to win. Think about it… it is much easier for one person or system to be wrong than a group of experts and models, an advanced computer software system, and dozens of sportsbooks. That is why our picks are the guaranteed best you will find anywhere!

​Our picks cover all of the major sports, and you can access our winning picks as soon as they become available.

The amount of picks you receive will vary based on both the amount of games in a given day or week, and the amount of picks that our system approves. Some days you may receive 2-4 picks per day, and other times you may receive 15-20 picks per day. It really just depends on how our system rates each game because we never release picks we don’t 100% stand behind.

You will notice that all of our picks are straight bets - either betting the spread, the over/under, or the moneyline.

True professional bettors almost never bet parlays, teasers, props, or futures simply because the math doesn’t make sense. The house takes too high of a percentage to make it worthwhile in the long run. With our system, you simply follow the formula and count your winnings!

All of our picks will provide you with the best chance to win, and we will never try to sell you lower quality picks or upcharge you for “premium” picks like other people do. We sell our picks on a monthly subscription basis, which will include all of the games for every sport for that month. If there is a game or pick you don’t feel comfortable betting on, skip it, and just move to the next one. Click below to join us and start accessing the guaranteed best picks immediately!