The Eddy Dimes Betting System is a revolutionary program that takes the guesswork of betting.

We have spent several years working on and perfecting this system. Don’t listen on “experts” out there that rely on gut instincts or one computer model. Our betting system is the first one ever that incorporates dozens expert picks and models, AI computer software simulations, and betting signals from over 40 sportsbooks.

For most bettors, this era of sports betting is unlike any other before it.

In most states, gone are the days where you have to walk into multiple casinos or sportsbooks to review the odds and place your bets. Now, everything is digital and available online if you have access. This allows people such as us to build models and systems to track this data and find where the best betting opportunities exist. What used to take days, now takes less than an hour. With that, the Eddy Dimes Betting System was born.

Since 2017

We began developing our system in 2017 to not only track the other systems and experts out there, but to build a computer software program that can outperform any handicapper or sportsbook. Most sportsbooks use computers to develop their odds and spreads, so you will only be able to beat them if you develop an equally powerful software program, which we have done.

Our software literally tracks millions of data points every day to identify the absolute best winning picks. And when that software program is incorporated with the best experts around the country and the information being offered by dozens of sportsbooks, the result is the most successful sports betting system ever. The system utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) so the system can learn and improve every week!