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58 - 36
2020 NFL Record
115 - 66
2020 NCAA Football Record
181 - 114
2021 MLB Record
102 - 69
2020-2021 NHL Record
126 - 77
2020-2021 NBA Record
191 - 108
2020-2021 NCAA Basketball Record


The Eddy Dimes Betting System

The absolute easiest way to get the best betting picks…GUARANTEED!

We have developed the simplest and most effective system for delivering the best guaranteed winning picks! Instead of using one method like other “experts,” our system actually incorporates three of the most successful methods for determining the best picks for you. We provide picks for all major sports that allow you to bet just like the sharps and have the best odds of winning.

Verified winning percentage:

60% - 63%

Don’t fall for other “experts” who bet on gut instinct, or brag about million dollar parlays and futures bets. If someone brags about hitting a 5-leg parlay or a million dollar bet on the winner of the World Series or Super Bowl, RUN AWAY FROM THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN! We can guarantee they are not a professional handicapper or a sharp! Truly successful sports gamblers grow their bankroll through consistently winning strategic bets by finding inaccurate lines. Sharps do not bet on specific players or teams, but instead find gaps in the market or mispriced lines and exploit those opportunities to find the bets with the best value.

The best professional betters ever have posted a long-term verified winning percentage of 55%-57%. However, our system has dominated that percentage on a consistent basis, winning 60-63% of our bets every year since our inception.

Some other systems just provide contradictory picks to each of their subscribers so that at least half of their customers are happy at any given time. Not us! We provide the same winning picks to each of our subscribers and have some of the most successful verified betting periods of any sports consultant!